четверг, 9 июля 2015 г.

Beda "3 Track Raw Demo 2015" CS
The new record of this Belorussian one-man band. The same raw and aggressive sound but already with a little black-metal influence. 

Fast Fuckers "Родные Просторы" CS
The new Krasnodar (Russia) band has made their 2nd demo. Raw, dirty, evil, bastard 
hardcore-punk in your face! Earlier it was released on tape with little press.

Rwan "Делай Панк! Do The Punk!" CS
2nd full-lenght album from the band. The cassette consist of 9 short fury tracks sound like oldschool hardcore-punk. Raw and fast as it must to be! 100% DIY record!

I Know "For An Idea EP" CS
The newest release of Belorussian anarcho-punk band. As always there's angry and vigorous hardcore tunes with cool strong lyrics.

Beton "Konsky Kokot" CS
The last album of metal-punk band from Slovakia. There're 9 tracks which full of power, aggression and crust! Also it was released on CD.

понедельник, 2 февраля 2015 г.

Deviation "Чарговы дзень пад акупацыяй" CS
The last album of legendary Belorussian anarcho-punk band (they started since mid of 90th). 11 tracks of hard and melodic riffs, strong political lyrics and awesome energy. 

Nizvergnut "Demo MMXIV" CS
Demo tape of the band from St. Petersburg. Raw and brutal stenchcore as fuck in your face! Also it was released by the band on DIY CD-R with exclusive design.